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About Us: Commodity Brokers Online

Commodity Brokers Online was created to help the individual commodity trader better understand the role of a commodity broker and to research brokers to find one that will help the trader acheive his/her goals.

We mainly focus on two types of commodity traders / investors. The first is the individual who is completely new to the markets and has not yet committed any investment funds. This person typically knows very little about the commodity and futures markets - if anything at all. People have probably heard stories about someone making a fortune trading commodities or loosing everything. Many of these potential traders may not even know how to quote a futures price, but they have gotten an interest through something they have heard or read. These individuals are the ones who are in the geatest need of We strive to help them through tips on chosing the right commodity broker, information on dealing with brokers, how to get started trading and warning signs that your commodity trading might not be headed in the right direction.

The second type of individual we try to help is person who has been trading for a period of time and seems to be struggling. This may be due to his commodity broker or he might be trading on his own through a discount broker. Either way, his account may be showing a loss and he feels a bit frustrated. We try to answer the questions this type of trader may have and point him in the right direction to get on the right track. will speak through experience on most issues. The principal of the company, Chuck Kowalski, has been involved in the futures industry for nearly 15 years. He has been a commodity broker, analyst, private trader and he writes many articles on the futures industry and commodity market commentary. If you have any questions, you can contact Chuck at

We hope our site proves beneficial to you and we always welcome feedback.