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Articles on Commodity Brokers and Futures Trading

These are original articles focusing on Commodity Brokers and Futures Trading. We mainly discuss full service brokers and their clientele. There are many things you should know about choosing a commodity broker to help you manage your account. There are also several signs that could give you a hint if your commodity broker is not looking out for your best interest.

Many of our readers are new to commodity trading, so we are publishing articles that help the new trader get started. We also focus on helping current futures traders improve their trading and education.

Check The "Fees" Before You Open An Account With A Commodity Broker
Having been involved in the Futures Industry for many years, I have managed to develop a few pet peeves. One of them is misleading commission rates that commodity brokers post on their websites and in advertisements. Read Article

Not All Commodity Brokers Were Created Equal
You need to be a bit careful when choosing a commodity broker as they are not all the "experts" you might think. Speaking from experience as a broker and private trader, I thought I would pass along some helpful advice. Read Article

New Commodity Traders - Beware of the Leverage
Anyone who has traded or read about commodity trading should know that trading commodities and futures is very risky. That statement is very true. However, it doesn't have to be as risky as you might think. Read Article

Should Commodities Be Part of A Diversified Portfolio?
There have been many studies conducted that detail how adding Managed Futures to your overall investment portfolio will lower your portfolio risk and possibly increase your overall returns. The lines have become a little blurred as some people in the industry have taken a more liberal interpretation of the studies. Read Article

Paper Trading Commodities - Good or Bad?
Overall, I feel it is certainly helpful to Paper Trade before you put your money at risk, but it is not necessary. There is no way you are going to learn everything you need to know about commodity trading by simply paper trading. Read Article